Ume Hospitality Group To Launch New Omakase Restaurant For Hell’s Kitchen

Shinn East's Chef Mike Liang is preparing an exciting new sister restaurant.
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One of New York’s finest sushi chefs is currently getting ready to debut a brand-new project for Hell’s Kitchen.

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Shinn West is the latest restaurant to come from owners Linda Wang and Chef “Miami Mike” Lian. Wang and Lian are the proprietors of Ume Hospitality Group, a New York-based hospitality company that specializes in creating niche experiences. They are best known for their restaurants Ume in Williamsburg, Sekai Omakase in Greenwich Village, Sushi Nikko in Queens, and of course Chef Mike’s own Shinn East in the East Village. When Shinn East first launched, Chef Mike was celebrated as one of the youngest sushi chefs working in New York, and now that a few years have passed since he first moved to New York it is time for the young Chef to get busy with a new project.

His latest restaurant, Shinn West, is currently expected to open at 525 West 53rd Street. The restaurant will be located on the ground floor of a new development by Taconic Investment Partners that was designed by Handel Architects. As a premium omakase sushi restaurant, the space is relatively intimate and will feature two sushi bars on opposite walls of the space. Current estimates put the restaurant’s capacity at 22 guests, and there are no plans at this time for a backyard or sidewalk cafe.

The menu will of course highlight Chef Mike’s unique curation of sushi and is intended to be a rewarding and personal experience. Shinn West’s main draw will be its 15-course omakase program, but guests are also free to order whatever sushi they like a la carte after their omakase experience. Additionally, Shinn West will offer hot pots of tea and soft drinks and is also looking for a beer, wine, and cider license in order to provide guests with alcoholic options. Any other questions about the menu will have to be reserved for the chef, who will be more than happy to tell you all about the fresh fish when you finally meet face-to-face.

As mentioned, Linda and Mike are currently in the process of acquiring a new liquor license for Shinn West and are proposing operating hours of 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM every day, seven days a week, with an hour-long break between 4:00 and 5:00 PM. Additionally, fans of Ume hospitality can look forward to even more restaurants on the horizon. What Now New York previously covered the announcement of Appas Pizza earlier in December, and you can follow Ume Hospitality for more updates on all of their latest endeavors.

Jake Rogers

Jake Rogers is an author and playwright based out of Brooklyn, New York. A lively performer who is deeply passionate about history and literature, outside of his reporting he also produces short films and plays with his theatre troupe, the LSTC. He is currently producing a web series about a butterfly and moth who are roommates that will be released later in the year.
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