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The first thing you should know is we aren’t new to the business of breaking news. What Now Media Group has been around town, or towns, we should say. From Atlanta to Los AngelesDenver to Orlando, we’ve been working hard to provide our readers with the very latest details on brick-and-mortar openings and closings in their neighborhoods. With a total of 12 cities under our belt, we couldn’t be happier to announce What Now Media Group has finally arrived in the city that never sleeps.

And don’t worry—neither will we.

What Now New York aims to bring you the very latest news on all things brick-and-mortar. We cover restaurant, retail, and realty developments in your borough and beyond. Curious to learn about the new slice shop that will be slinging pies down the street from your apartment? Wondering what will happen to the bodega on the corner that closed last week? From food trucks gone brick-and-mortar to real estate acquisitions, What Now New York will have the buzz. We even like to beat restaurants to their own announcements.

So yeah, we do news fast—it’s the only way to match the New York pace. But more importantly, we like to keep news local. If you’ve got an in with a new restaurant or business opening in the big apple, we’d love to hear from you. Just send us a note at [email protected], and we’ll do some digging.

To make things easy, we have a breaking newsletter you can subscribe to, or find us on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll never miss an announcement or a new restaurant opening for that matter.

Something opening or closing in your neighborhood?  [email protected]

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