Red Peony Chinese Cuisine To Replace Xi’An Famous Foods On Sixth Avenue

A luxurious new Chinese restaurant is making its way to Greenwich Village.
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According to a recent liquor license filing with the state of New York, an “exquisite taste of China” is making it’s way to 6th Avenue later this year.

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Red Peony Chinese Cuisine was founded in 2019 by restaurateur couple Connie and Eric Zhang. Established in Midtown at 24 West 56th Street, Connie and Eric set out to share authentic Chinese cuisine and its traditional delicacies with as many people as possible.

In Chinese culture, the elegant peony is known as the “king of the flowers,” and is known as a symbol of refined taste in China. Eric and Connie named their restaurant after the king of the flowers to celebrate the rich aesthetic they wanted to bring to Manhattan, replete with grand décor like crystal chandeliers and red velvet dining chairs.

While a meticulous amount of detail has been put into Red Peony’s design, an equal amount of thought has been put into the menu. Offering up an indulgent selection of dishes like Drunken Chicken and Peking Duck wrapped in handmade pancakes, Red Peony rightfully earns its position as king of the flowers.

Now, Connie and Eric will be opening up a second Red Peony at the former location of Xi’An Famous Foods at 313 6th Avenue. Xi’An is a popular Chinese franchise that serves noodles, dumplings and burgers in a fast-casual environment. While the 6th avenue location sadly closed last year, Xi’An still operates multiple successful locations across the boroughs of New York. With 1,100 square feet of space available in the new location, Connie and Eric will have plenty of room to impart their signature upscale style.

Jake Rogers

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