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Institutional Ecolab’s Institutional business offers comprehensive products and programs that meet the needs of our customers — from restaurants, hotels and long-term care facilities to schools and facilities. Our team of sales and service experts deliver personalized service and offer a comprehensive range of solutions and data-driven insights to help customers run clean, safe, efficient and sustainable operations. Working with Ecolab Institutional means having a partner that is always looking out for our customers. We approach cleaning, sanitizing and safety with the aim of improving their performance. Whether it’s delighting their customers, ensuring smooth operations or driving growth, we take the time to understand our customers’ businesses and how to power their success. Drawing on our industry-leading expertise, offerings and personally delivered service, we deliver tangible results to ensure our customers and their businesses are performing at their best. Our products and programs cover all areas of an operation and represent the industry’s most broad and complete set of premium customer solutions.


  • Customized cleaning and sanitizing
  • Floor care
  • Hand hygiene
  • Housekeeping
  • Kitchen sanitization
  • On-premise laundry
  • Pool and spa
  • Warewashing
  • Water management

We have an industry-leading global sales and service force backed by advanced and patented technologies and a global research and development network. Our innovative solutions and actionable insights address customers’ needs in premium cleaning and sanitizing, food safety, public health infection prevention, operational efficiency and guest satisfaction — while promoting customer, employee and environmental safety at the lowest total operating cost

As the market leader in warewashing — the practice of cleaning dishware, glassware, cookware and utensils — we’re known for our outstanding products, programs and customer service. Our customer consultation, data-driven insights and emergency services keep operations running safely and efficiently, increase guest satisfaction and lower operating costs.

Customers count on Ecolab programs for their high-quality performance. Our warewashing programs not only allow customers to spend less time and money washing dishes, they also collect critical information to help streamline the entire warewashing process. With this data, customers can ensure they clean their dishes in the most efficient and effective manner possible. When combined with our on-site service expertise, we can develop efficiencies across their warewashing operations by reducing energy, labor, water and waste costs, while decreasing their environmental impact.

Our warewashing program includes non-caustic, low/no-phosphate solid products that are safe and easy to store, carry and load. The solid product line includes detergents, rinse additives, sanitizers, silverware presoak, and manual detergents, sanitizers and pot and pan presoak, all which use dramatically less packaging.

Use of digital technology with a real-time connection to Ecolab’s global network to remotely monitor operations provides customers with more efficient service and a more consistent program experience. Our unique digital tools elevate our customer support by identifying opportunities to enhance equipment operations and employee procedures, leading to improved labor efficiency and reduced food safety risks. Real-time monitoring provides insight to the dishmachine’s overall performance and proactive alerts when machines need attention, more product, require an adjustment or on-site service. Additionally, the controller has on-demand training videos that provide step-by-step, language-free instructions for proper procedures.

Our team also provides regular, on-site preventative maintenance calls. During each visit, customers receive a personalized, electronic service report that:

Summarizes critical dishmachine operating metrics in an easy-to-understand “red, yellow, green” dashboard Tracks the guest-to-rack ratio and graphs this operational efficiency trend Provides a daily detail of the critical machine metrics being captured to help identify specific problems and pinpoint the day and shift they occur Itemizes new or improved product recommendations and potential impact to further lower costs Provides training to ensure consistently positive results

Restaurants, hotels and healthcare facilities have diverse cleaning challenges. We offer a host of specialty kitchen products to meet customers’ unique needs. For example, we offer an enzyme[1]based, no-rinse floor cleaner that removes grease from floor tiles and grout, creating increased friction and helping reduce the chance of slips and falls. This product kills 99.9 percent of dangerous bacteria on floors and in drains, helping reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Our grease management program features products that quickly penetrate kitchen grease on surfaces like grills and counters, a popular product line among restaurant and foodservice operators.

For the foodservice kitchen, we also offer a variety of general cleaning products that polish dull stainless-steel surfaces, remove hard water deposits and rust stains from equipment surfaces and tiles and clean freezers, soft-serve frozen yogurt dispensers and ice cream machines.

Ecolab combines solutions, procedures and science to prevent infection, enhance food quality and help reduce public heath risks. Our hand hygiene systems feature gentle yet effective hand soaps and sanitizers that help ensure hands are properly cleaned. Our sustainably designed system reduces packaging waste by up to 90 percent. The refillable design virtually eliminates product waste and makes refills predictable.

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Primary Services
  • Foodservice
  • Commercial Cockroach/Rodent Elimination
  • Commercial Small/Large Fly Elimination
  • Commercial Occasional Invader Elimination
  • Air Quality Programs
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Stored Product Pest Elimination
  • Fumigation
  • Commercial Mosquito Elimination
  • Commercial Termite Elimination
  • Commercial Bird Elimination
  • Commercial Pest Exclusion Service

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