Traditas To Bring Inherited Family Pizza Recipe To Nomad This Fall

Fusing old school tradition with new school style, Traditas serves up "Pizza with a Brooklyn Accent".
Photo: Rachel Vanni
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One of Brooklyn’s newest pizza restaurants is currently getting ready to take its old-world flair to Manhattan later this fall.

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Traditas is an exciting new pizza restaurant that pays homage to the long and storied history of Brooklyn pizzerias. The concept was established by owner Leo Krkuti, the scion of a noted Brooklyn pizza dynasty. His father and uncle, Nick and Rudy Krkuti, have been developing pizza concepts in New York and Brooklyn for over 35 years, and Leo has been working in the family business for nearly his entire life.

Photo: Rachel Vanni

In 1991, Nick and Rudy founded Not Ray’s Pizza, one of Brooklyn’s oldest and most popular pizzerias in operation today. Famously bucking the trend of joining the legion of Ray’s knockoffs and wannabes, Not Ray’s Pizza boldly separated itself from the crowd and quickly became a community favorite. Despite a few hiccups along the journey (including a failed lawsuit from Ray himself), Nick and Rudy were able to expand their business operation and began constructing even more pizzerias across the city, introducing a brand new dynasty of pizzaiolos to Brooklyn and New York.

Fast forward to today and the Krkuti’s have greatly expanded their profile, now operating numerous pizzerias across the city. Now though, the time has come for Leo to carry the torch that Nick and Rudy ignited and establish a new iconic brand of New York pizza that will be recognized all across the tri-state area. Preserving the same traditional recipes that made Not Ray’s Pizza such a smash, Leo established Traditas Pizza in May of this year at 83 Maiden Lane in the Financial District.

Deriving its name from the Albanian word for “tradition”, Traditas Pizza was established as an homage to Leo’s family and the legacy they’ve left for this city. Envisioned as an old school Brooklyn pizzeria with a new school twist, Traditas serves up an extensive selection of pizza, pasta, rolls, heroes, salads, and even merch. Offering both sit-down service and takeaway by-the-slice, Traditas is known by locals for serving “Pizza with a Brooklyn Accent.”

Photo: Rachel Vanni

Now, only a few months after launching his first shop and Leo is already getting ready to his expand his concept. The newest outpost for Traditas will be arriving at 1165 Broadway in Nomad, between 27th and 28th street, less than a block away from the R station at 28th. According to Leo, he hopes to have the location operational by the end of September, pending any unforeseen delays, and is also hoping to acquire a liquor license once he is better established in the neighborhood.

While Leo still has a lot of work ahead of him to prepare the space in Nomad, he has no intention of slowing down his vision of becoming a house-hold name. Having signed an exclusive deal with Kassin Sabbagh Realty, Leo is already eyeing two potential expansions for Soho and the Upper East Side. Those projects have not yet been finalized though, and likely wouldn’t be opening up until early 2023. Regardless, it’s clear that New York’s next big pizza brand is here, and curious patrons can visit their Maiden Location to try a slice out for themselves. Additionally, you can follow Traditas on Instagram for information on all of their latest developments.

Photo: Rachel Vanni

Jake Rogers

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