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Fewer Empty Seats. Higher Profits. Zero Work for You.

Seated is the first tool that fills your restaurant’s empty seats for you, increasing occupancy so you can grow your profits without doing anything differently.

The Simplest Way to Attract More Customers to Your Restaurant.

Full restaurants are successful restaurants — and getting more butts in seats is the most effective way to grow your restaurant’s profits. Seated fills your empty tables while attracting new customers for takeout and private events, so you can increase sales and tips for your staff.

For strategies, tips, and guides to help you attract new guests, increase occupancy, and grow profits at your restaurant, read the Seated blog.

Primary Services
  • Dine In: Fill the empty tables that would otherwise go unturned.
  • First-Party Ordering: More direct orders through your website, less reliance on third parties.
  • Private Events: Bring in more corporate events and large parties.

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Dir. of Restaurant Marketing

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Head of Partnerships

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