Brand New Book Store And Café Comes To Mulberry Street

Get ready to cozy up with your favorite book at New York's latest café.
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Well folks, it’s starting to look like that time of the year again. The leaves are changing, the wind is blowing, and the days are getting shorter. As New Yorkers across the city plan to hunker down for the long winter, there’s nothing to inaugurate the season like curling up with a nice cup of coffee and your favorite new book.

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In this author’s opinion, there’s no better city for reading than New York. Between the buildings, the coffee, and all the daily random interactions, there’s nothing quite like a humble New York bookstore to really set the atmosphere. If you’re in agreement, then you’re sure to be thrilled with the news that a brand new book store – Yu and Me Books – is scheduled to open up at 44 Mulberry Street.

Owned by bibliophile Lucy Yu, Yu and Me Books is a tribute to the great works of literature that have kept her sane during these troubling times. With the outbreak of the recent pandemic, worldwide political strife, and an encroachment of racism in New York, Lucy found refuge in stories from across the world. It was in examining all of these diverse perspectives that Lucy found a sense of safety, and it became her dream to share these perspectives with the country at large.

As the first Asian-American female-owned bookstore in Manhattan, Lucy describes her store as “a space where we can dream together, share our passion, strive for change, and push systems closer to justice.” More than just a bookstore, Yu and Me Books will also function as a café and bar, serving coffee and light snacks alongside a personalized selection of beer and wine.

The bookstore and café will be open daily, from 10AM to midnight, except on weekends when they will open at 11AM. While the café will serve beer and wine, it will maintain a casual and relaxed atmosphere, putting readers at the forefront of their consideration. Yu and Me Bookstore is a kind of all-day hangout, where you can meet up with friends to grab a coffee, read an exciting new book, and have a couple drinks with your friends afterwards to discuss the books.

Highlighting underrepresented authors and stories from across the globe, Yu and Me Bookstore is an opportunity for people to become exposed to voices they’ve never heard before. In an era of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, Lucy knows that New Yorkers are itching for some great in-person interactions. She knows that her new bookstore will become a regular place for locals to sip, read, and foster some amazing conversations.

Jake Rogers

Jake Rogers

Jake Rogers is an author and playwright based out of Brooklyn, New York. A lively performer who is deeply passionate about history and literature, outside of his reporting he also produces short films and plays with his theatre troupe, the LSTC. He is currently producing a web series about a butterfly and moth who are roommates that will be released later in the year.
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